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About Opportunity Card

German Resident permit

A year permit validity

Point Based System

Work up to 20 hours a week in part-time or trial jobs

Renewable Resident permit


Visa Requirements

Option 1

Skilled worker:

A recognized German vocational training or

A recognized German university degree or

A foreign vocational training or

A foreign university degree, both of which are recognized in Germany


·       Blocked account showing amount of €12,324 or 

·       German formal declaration of commitment or

·       Employment contract or a binding job offer, which shows the weekly working hours and monthly earnings in Germany


·       Certificate of your knowledge of the German language – at least A1! Or

·       Certificate of your knowledge of the English language - at least B2! IELTS or TOEFL

Option 2

6 Points in The scoring system Requirements

If the basic requirements listed above are fulfilled and there is no direct qualification as a skilled worker, the required minimum score of six points can be obtained via the following criteria in order to receive the Opportunity Card.

  • Partial recognition of a foreign educational qualification- 4 points

·       Qualification in a shortage occupation- 1 point

  • at least two years of professional experience appropriate to your qualifications that you have acquired within the last five years, you will receive two points- 2 points or
  • If you have at least three years of professional experience within the last seven years, you will receive three points- 3 points

Language skills

German language skills at level A2- 1 point

German language level B1- 2 points

German Language level B2 or higher- 3 points.

English language skills at level C1 or higher and at native speaker level- 1 point


35 years and below – 2 points

Ages between 35 and 40- 1 point

Relation to Germany

If you have resided in Germany for at least six months in the last five years, this includes stays for study, language acquisition or gainful employment - 1 point.

Joint applications with your partner

If you wish to enter Germany together with your spouse or registered partner and you both apply for the Opportunity Card at the same German mission, one point can be awarded for one of the two applications, provided the other requirements are also fulfilled.- 1 point

Application Procedures

  1. Fill our registration form for Eligibility and Assessment: Before applying, ensure you meet the following criteria, you can subscribe to our assessment service if you are unsure about your eligibility.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Prepare the applicable documents for your application
  3. Pay your fees: pay the eligibility fee, flygo fee, visa application fee and any other fee involved.
  4. Wait while we process.
  5. Receive your visa and Travel to Germany:

Our Services

  1. Eligibility and Assessment:
  2. Document Preparation:
  3. Application Assistance:
  4. Financial Proof Assistance (German block account & German declaration of sponsorship)
  5. Health Insurance:
  6. Visa Interview Preparation:
  7. Travel Arrangements: Flight Booking and Accommodation


Consultation, Assessment and Eligibility check: N30, 000

Flygo Professional Fee (Documents preparation, Application assistance, visa interview preparation): N250, 000.

Visa fee: 75 Euro

Travel Health Insurance: N55, 000


German Block Account of €12,324 OR

A German formal declaration of commitment €5, 000

Accommodation: 350 Euro/ Monthly

Flight: TBD according to travel dates.

No details found.

Flygo Professional Fee: N250, 000.

  • Eligibility and Assessment
  • Document Preparation
  • Visa Application Assistance
  • Visa Interview Preparation

Visa fee: 75 Euro

Travel Health Insurance: N55, 000

  • German Block Account of €12,324 OR
  • A German formal declaration of commitment €5, 000
  • Accommodation: 350 Euro/ Monthly
  • Flight: TBD according to travel dates

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