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Why Study in United Kingdom?

  • World-class education and value for money.
  • A degree from a UK university is recognized worldwide and prepares you for the international workplace.
  • Where better to immerse yourself in the English language than in the UK?
  • Experience a thriving and welcoming student community – wherever you choose to study.
  • Affordable cost of living (and plenty of student discounts).
  • You can work part-time during your studies too.
  • Opportunity to explore all the UK (and nearby Europe) has to .

Program Categories

  • Foundation/Preparatory course
  • Undergraduate
  • PGD/ Advance Certificates
  • Masters

Eligibility for Foundation Program

  • WAEC, NECO or NABTEB with 5 credits in all compulsory subjects.

Eligibility for Bachelor Admission.

  • Minimum of  OND/HND or a year university studies or A level,  IB

Eligibility for Post Graduate Diploma Admission/ Advance Certificate.

  • Bachelor degree  with minimum of 3rd class

Eligibility for Masters Admission.

  • A second class lower grade in Bachelor studies

Eligibility for Visa

All intending Visa applicants must be able to demonstrate a proof of financial resources to cover cost of first year of stay in United Kingdom through Bank statement of Accounts:


  1. £1,334 monthly (for up to 9 months) for within London (this includes schools in the Greater London area and all the London boroughs). This means that you need to show £1,334 * 9 for your upkeep in your bank statement.
  2. £1,023 monthly (for up to 9 months) for outside London. This means that you need to show £1,023*9 for your upkeep. 
  3. Your bank statement or your parents bank statement to show your funds (outstanding tuition fees + monthly upkeep up to 9 months).
  4. The money must be kept in the account for 28 days before application; the end of the 28 days must not be older than 31 days before your application.
  5. The only family members that can sponsor you (give you their bank account statement to use) are
  6. your parents or legal guardian.
  7. If using your parents' account(s), you need your birth certificate which has your parents' name as your parents to prove your relationship to them.
  8. If using your guardian's statement, you need to include court document appointing the person as your guardian. This guardian must have been appointed by the court when you were below 18 years.


  • January Every year
  • September every year

Cost and Expenses

  • Tuition Fee: 12, 000 pounds ( 3, 000 pounds tuition deposit)
  • Flygo Fee: 550, 000 Naira
  • Flights: 250, 000 Naira
  • Accommodation: 400 pounds/Monthly

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Day X

Date : October 31, 2022

Time : 1:00 am

Your Plan

Resumption of studies is October

  • Admission Procurement
  • Visa application
  • Letter of Motivation


  • Tuition fee
  • Flight booking
  • Accommodation fee
  • Feeding
  • Visa fee
  • Insurance

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